St. John

St. John Island is the prized jewel of the US Virgin Islands. It is one of the most beautiful islands in the world, filled with history, natural wonders and magnificent beaches and is just a short hop away from the shores of North America – it is right in your backyard!

Being eighty percent National Park, St. John offers world famous sugar white sand beaches and undulating natural shorelines that are virtually untouched by development. Its snorkeling, diving, watersports and hiking trails presenting unique opportunities to explore by both land and sea a tropical wilderness that has changed little since the time of the sugar plantations.

Peace and relaxation are the norm , this Caribbean island represents an unusual escape from the stress and worries of home, while it still carries a comfortable
American /Caribbean flavor.

The small but lively town of Cruz Bay has quiet, tree lined streets that with a variety of specialty shops, and not one stop light! Quintessential beach bars and world famous happy hours help travelers unwind with tropical drinks, easy conversation and live music.

Restaurants represent everything from five star dining, local spicy Caribbean fare, to the best cheeseburgers in any paradise.

Coconut Coast COVID-19 Updates

There are no current travel restrictions or testing required to visit the US Virgin Islands.

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